Few places in the Midwest rival the Indiana Dunes area for birding. Located at the southern tip of Michigan, the Indiana Dunes sits at the crossroads of major migratory paths that funnel birds into this prime birding location. More than 350 species live or migrate through here, drawn by the open waters of Lake Michigan into the landscapes of beaches, dunes, wetlands, and prairies. We’re best known for our spectacular migrations, where you can witness thousands of Sandhill Cranes in a single autumn day or count a hundred hawks over the dunes in spring.

Days Worth of Adventures

Birders can hike, bike, or paddle the area's many ecosystems of oak savannas, old-growth forests, prairies, wetlands, inland lakes, creeks, rivers, shorelines, dunes, and beaches. There are more than 50 trails, viewing towers and platforms, boardwalks, picnic areas, campgrounds, and wheelchair-accessible areas. 

Grab a copy of this self-led birding tour, and visit six of the Indiana Dunes area birding recommended by local birders. Spectacular birds are waiting for you. Can you spot 'em all?

Backpacks for Naturalists

A program that allows both beginners and experienced birders access to the equipment and information needed to enjoy birding in and around the Indiana Dunes. The best part? It’s free!



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Why hurry? Take the time to wander and let your senses take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the Indiana Dunes.

Be the change by getting more involved with the Indiana Dunes! There are many no-hassle, volunteer drop-in opportunities available for everyone. Just show up, and the organization provides the…

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Tales from the Dunes

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