Sports Tournaments And Outdoor Recreation Options In Indiana Dunes

Expertly-designed greens, indoor courts, professional-grade BMX tracks, and more. With an abundant selection of IGA/PGA certified golf courses and indoor/outdoor sporting venues, the Indiana Dunes is the perfect place for your next tournament championship or meet-up. We offer world-class recreation facilities right next to the shores of Lake Michigan.

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Accessible Adventures in the Indiana Dunes

  • 5 minute read

Accessible Adventures in the Indiana Dunes Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you're looking to hike, bird, paddle, or just wander and take in the…


Getting Warmed Up with the Rough-legged Hawk

  • 6 minute read

My ninety-year-old neighbor used to tell me that he was going out fishing… not catching, but fishing. It’s about the experience, he’d tell me. And that is how it is with…

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