Diana of the Dunes Dare

In honor of the daring and free spirit of Alice Mabel Gray, also known as Diana, a nearby sandhill has been named “Diana’s Dune.” Take the Diana of the Dunes Dare and hike in this local legend’s footsteps at Indiana Dunes National Park’s West Beach. Along the way, you’ll perhaps see why Alice left her conventional life in Chicago and decided to live alone in the wilds of the Dunes. 

More than just a hiking challenge, the Diana Dunes Dare reveals the woman behind a local ghost story. You'll walk away inspired by Alice's love for the Dunes, and hopefully, you'll promise to Love and Protect them as she did. 

Dare to Be Different? Embrace the Dunes.

Alice Mabel Gray left her conventional life in Chicago to settle in a crude shack along Indiana’s wild Lake Michigan shore. Here, she became known as Diana of the Dunes.

Experience the four stages of dune development within this National Park trail's one-mile length. This scenic, but strenuous, trail includes a spectacular view of Lake Michigan and Chicago.

The Diana Dunes Dare is just an hour drive from Chicago.


Start Here

Your adventure begins at the National Park’s West Beach

How to Complete the Dare

  1. Go to West Beach
    Visit Indiana Dunes National Park’s West Beach, located off U.S. Highway 12, at 376 N. County Line Rd., Gary, IN 46403.
  2. Hike the Trail
    Dare to Be Different? Then step into the past and embrace the Dunes. Walk in Alice Mabel Gray’s (Diana’s) footsteps while learning about Dune Succession.
  3. Share Your Dare
    Stop at the West Beach Bathhouse to take a selfie in front of our Diana of the Dunes selfie station and post using #DianaDunesDare.
  4. Get Your Badge of Honor
    Visit either the Paul H. Douglas Center or the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center for a free sticker.


Celebrate Your Accomplishment

Stop by the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center or the Paul H. Douglas Center to get your free Diana of the Dunes sticker.
You can also buy a T-shirt or hoodie—you’ve earned it!

We Dare You Sticker

Diana of the Dunes Dare

Embrace the Dunes. Take the dare! In honor of the daring and free spirit of Alice Mabel Gray, also known as Diana, a nearby sand hill has been named “Diana’s Dune.” You can now hike in a local legend’s footsteps at West Beach. Explore the natural wonders of her beloved Dunes terrain while learning about dune development. This self-guided trail starts near the parking lot at Indiana Dunes National Park's West Beach. After you complete the dare, buy a shirt or hoodie and pick up a free sticker from the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center.


Phone: (219) 926-2255
Website: http://www.indianadunes.com/ddd


This project was created in collaboration with our amazing partners.

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