Tourism Promotion Grant Program

The Tourism Promotion Grant program has been established by Indiana Dunes Tourism to promote tourism in Porter County. This includes festivals, marketing projects, special and sporting events, and product development that bring visitors to the region and increase economic impact for local businesses.

The Indiana Dunes Tourism Promotion Program is administered by:

Organizational Development Solutions, Inc.
PO Box 214
Westville IN  46391

Sharon McGuire:  Email - or Phone - (219) 898-3465
Desila Rosetti: Email - or Phone - (219) 508-0976

What Types of Programs and Events are Eligible?

Sporting Event

Supports state, regional (Midwest states), national, and international sporting events or tournaments that:

  • Take place within Porter County
  • Attracts a sizable number of participants and spectators from outside Lake, Porter or La Porte counties.
  • Last longer than one day
  • Encourages overnight stays in local lodging

Sporting Event Maximum Funding Request:  $3,000

Product Development

Supports development of new products or the enhancement of existing products that:

  • Take place within Porter County or sites located on Beaches and Beyond Outdoor Adventure Trail
  • Attracts visitors from outside of Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties
  • Complements our destination
  • Are supported by Local Residents
  • Product developed must be completed within the program year

Product Development Maximum Funding Request: $5,000


Supports marketing projects that use promotional tools to attract visitors from outside of Lake, Porter, or La Porte counties and promote the experience or special aspect of a Porter County community.  Tools covered include:

  • Website development
  • Digital advertising campaigns
  • Traditional Marketing tools zoned outside of Northwest Indiana
  • Print or digital brochures

Marketing Maximum Funding Request: $2,500 (Year 1) | $1,500 (Year 2) | $1,000 (Year 3)

Festivals & Special Events

Supports festivals or special events hosted within Porter County that:

  • Attract a sizable number of attendees
  • Longer than one day
  • Encourage overnight stays at Porter County lodging establishments

Festival & Special Event Maximum Funding Request:  $2,500 (Year 1) | $1,500 (Year 2) | $1,000 (Year 3)

Convention, Meetings & Seminars

Supports conventions, meetings, or seminars that are hosted within Porter County and:

  • Have a large number of attendees
  • Are longer than one day
  • Have participants from outside of Lake, Porter, and La Porte Counties
  • Encourage overnight stays in Porter County lodging establishments.

Convention, Meetings & Seminar Maximum Funding Request: $2,500 (Year 1) | $1,500 (Year 2) | $1,000 (Year 3)

Important Information You Need to Know

  • If you would like Indiana Dunes Tourism to advertise your event for free on our Indiana Dunes Tourism website, please provide a written request. Also, you will need to place a link to the Indiana Dunes Tourism website ( on your website to promote Porter County activities.
  • Businesses and organizations can only apply for grant funding for the same event for three years. After the third year, the event is no longer eligible for funding. The purpose of our program is to get events established so they can successfully sustain themselves in the future.
  • All recipients of funding will receive an event-specific QR code which must be prominently displayed at your event. Visitors should be strongly encouraged to scan the QR code to access local Dunes Deals at
  • All approved requests for funding will be required to sign a grant agreement acknowledging grant terms, requirements, and deadlines.
  • When describing Indiana Dunes Tourism in marketing materials, the full name must be used and not shortened to “Indiana Dunes.”  
  • Indiana Dunes Tourism does not award funding for seasonal or holiday events celebrated by most communities (4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) or one-day athletic events (running races, biking events, etc.)
  • Awards do not carry over from year to year.  A new application must be submitted each year by the specified deadline in order to be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions