Dunes 101

Along the coast of the fifth largest freshwater lake in the world, you’ll find Indiana’s most ecologically diverse area, the Indiana Dunes. Known by many for its beautiful Lake Michigan beaches, the Indiana Dunes area is also home to some of the world’s largest lakeshore dunes, including Mount Baldy, a 125-foot “living dune” shaped by glacial sands. Covered in native flora and wild lupines, the Indiana Dunes is the best place to spot hundreds of migratory birds, explore Hoosier history, and revel in a landscape full of natural splendor.

Dunes 101 Series

Join Ranger Matt in our Dunes 101 Series to explore everything you need to know about the Indiana Dunes, including how to make the most out of your beach experience, where to camp, and the perfect hiking trail for your skill level.

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What Are the Indiana Dunes?

Join Ranger Matt in the Dunes 101 Series to learn everything you need to know about the Indiana Dunes and how to best experience the Indiana Dunes area.

Each region in this unique geographic area echoes stories of our past. There’s a reason we’re unlike anywhere else you’ve ever been.

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