Exploring the Crafted Corners of Indiana Dunes: A Brewery and Distillery Guide

Tucked away in the scenic heartland of the Midwest lies a burgeoning hotspot for craft beer and spirits enthusiasts: the Indiana Dunes. Our region is rapidly gaining recognition for its diverse and vibrant brewery scene, offering an array of unique flavors and experiences for locals and travelers alike.

Blockhead Beerworks

Blockhead Beerworks in Valparaiso is where creativity in brewing truly shines. This brewery offers an eclectic menu of Asian fusion-meets-traditional bar fare, including Korean BBQ fries, spicy tuna rolls, and a Super Smash burger. It also offers an array of mainstay and seasonal craft-brewed beers, from bright pilsners and sours to hoppy IPAs and dark stouts.

A woman with blonde hair and tattoos holds a purple drink while talking to someone unseen on the other side of the table.

Hunter's Brewing 

Over in Chesterton, Hunter's Brewing offers a cozy vibe, perfect for those who like their venues as thoughtful as their beers. This brewpub offers 18 rotating taps plus a selection of hand-picked craft bottles and cans. They offer plenty of vegan and gluten-free options on the menu, showcasing a taste for inclusivity and variety when it comes to bar eats.

An older man with a curled mustache holds a glass of beer.

Craft House 

Another Chesterton favorite, the Craft House elevates the dining and drinking experience with dishes and brews that are meant to go together. Their taps are on heavy rotation, so you will always find new recommendations from the bartenders. The food focuses on inclusive bar eats, like fried pickles, pulled pork sliders, and burgers (beef and beyond!). This place buzzes with energy, making it a great spot for happy hour or a friendly dinner out.

A view of a bar from above. People are sitting at a square bar

Duneland Distillery

For something a bit different, Duneland Distillery steers away from beer to offer a spirits experience that’s both educational and enjoyable. They offer house-crafted vodka, gin, and moonshine, along with select liqueurs. It’s a place for the curious drinker, and you can try these spirits in-house or purchase their specialty bottles as a gift to go.

A clear cocktail with ice sits on a bar. In the background is a Duneland Distillery logo on the wall.

Franklin House

Located near Central Park Plaza in Valparaiso, Franklin House brings together the community with its inviting atmosphere and varied drinks and food selection. Craft beers, house wines, and a classic pub food menu are just the beginning of what’s on offer. Regular events keep the place lively, from trivia nights to live music and karaoke, making it a staple in the local social scene.

An interior of a bar. A wooden bar crosses the photo with seats along it. The ceiling is black and textured.

Breweries abound across the Indiana Dunes, revealing a diverse and growing scene. These are just a few of the breweries, distilleries, cideries, and meaderies in the Indiana Dunes area. There's also the locally beloved Aftermath Cidery, Four Fathers Brewing, Ironwood Brewing Co., and Misbeehavin' Meads. (For even more options, check out the comprehensive list of breweries, cideries, wineries, and bars below.) From small, cozy breweries to places that perfectly blend food and beer to distilleries that diversify the drinking experience, there’s something for every taste in the Indiana Dunes.

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