Fishing season? Try seasons. With this many inland lakes, creeks, shorelines, and deep waters, we’re hooked on the sport all year round. Follow the salmon runs in spring and fall. Take the bait and brave the elements on an ice fishing excursion. Or make the big catch from one of North America’s biggest bodies of water. Whether you’re looking for a little still-water meditation or open-water adventure, you’ll find it here.

Tips, Tricks, and Regulations

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources protects and preserves the Indiana Dunes area’s natural, cultural, and recreational resources through leadership, management, and education. When it comes to fishing, they’re our go-to resource for boating regulations and species preservation.

Shore fishing. Boat fishing. Ice fishing. The Indiana Dunes area offers plenty of options for those looking to make a big catch. Bring your boat, rent one, or hire a charter for an…

Plan Ahead

You can reel-ly on us to keep you up-to-date on the latest water and weather conditions to ensure your fishing trip is a total catch.



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Shake off the sand south of the Indiana Dunes! Dig up real savings with Indiana Dunes Deals and make the most of your vacation. Discounts ranging from a free scoop of ice cream to savings on…

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Shake off the sand south of the Indiana Dunes! Dig up real savings with Indiana Dunes Deals and make the most of…

Pet Friendly

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