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Within the boundaries of a 15,000-acre national park sits another 2,182-acre state park. Together, along with our communities and attractions, the area has many stories to tell.

The Indiana Dunes is one of the most biodiverse regions in North America and the number one tourist destination in the state of Indiana. The Indiana Dunes has more plants and animal species than Yellowstone, and it attracts more than six million visitors annually, which puts it on par with Mount Rushmore in terms of visitation. 

We are comprised of beaches, prairies, wetlands, savannas, forests, and of course, towering sand dunes with majestic views of the Chicago skyline. As a premier family-friendly vacation getaway we offer many outdoor experiences, including swimming, birding, biking, camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor adventures, along with fine dining and local attractions. Our downtown communities have affordable accommodations and Midwest hospitality, ensuring that each getaway is a trip to remember.

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Indiana Dunes: Beaches & Beyond

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Our destination logo. This logo identities businesses and communities throughout the Indiana Dunes area.

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Indiana Dunes Tourism

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Our organization’s logo. This is the logo of the official marketing, planning, and development organization for the Indiana Dunes area/Porter County, IN.

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Additional Story Ideas

50’s Fun

The Indiana Dunes area is home to one of the last remaining drive-in movie theaters (49er Drive-in), one of the last drive-in restaurants (The Port Drive-In), and a hopping classic car and motorcycle scene—both cruise-ins and scenic drives.

Air & Water

Do the Dunes from the Air for a different vantage point, or experience the dunes and Lake Michigan from the water on your own boat, a rented boat, or with the help of a fishing charter.

Craft Brews

Check out the great—and growing—craft brewing scene.

Diverse Ecology

The Indiana Dunes is the fifth most biodiverse area among all national park units in the U.S., and it is considered the birthplace of ecology.

Family Fun

With plenty of kid-friendly attractions and restaurants, this is the place for kids to be kids.

Historical Sites

The Indiana Dunes area is home to some great historical sites, including the Porter County Museum, Bailly Homestead and Chellberg Farm, and even the Task Force Tips Fire Museum.


Explore the seasons in the Indiana Dunes area, including cross-country skiing and shelf ice viewing in winter, summer beach experiences, and the colors of the fall.

Sweet Treats

The Indiana Dunes area is home to the famous Valpo Velvet ice cream, as well as Designer Desserts’ mouthwatering cupcakes and many other, well, sweet places to visit.


The Indiana Dunes area is home to one of the nation’s best model railway gardens, a train-themed bed and breakfast, and other train attractions.

Unique Artistry

The Indiana Dunes area is home to great artisans, and we’ll tell you about some of the unique products that are made here.