By now I’ve written enough blog posts here at the tourism offices that my bosses might be catching on: when there’s a chance to get out of the office - I take it! This week, I journeyed to Art Barn, a peaceful art studio located halfway between Chesterton and Valparaiso. Here’s what you should know before heading out to Art Barn yourself.

You’ll be greeted by a welcoming committee

As I drove into the Art Barn off the country road, I immediately noticed the chickens clucking about the property. They are true free-range chickens who make their home here, and the sign at the entrance indicates fresh eggs are sold here, too. I was taking photos of the chickens when I was snuck up on by other members of the farm’s welcome crew—a donkey and a mini horse! As someone who wishes I could live on a hobby farm, I was in love in seconds. Forget the art. I’ll visit just for the animals.

Cute Donkey Looking for Attention

This fella snuck up on me. Look at that face!

It’s actually a barn

Not some wish-it-was-a-barn imposter. This beautiful big, red barn is so neat! The floors inside are (I’m guessing) original to the barn, and the entire place is just perfect. Country location + animals + barn + view of the pasture outside = peace. I can see why so many artists would choose this location to come work on their craft. Even an old wagon sits outside the entrance.

Art Barn from Outside Art Barn - it's really a barn :)

It feels comfy and welcoming

I think art and artsy places can sometimes be intimidating. You know, all “high class” and “stuffy.” However, Art Barn is anything but that. It feels welcoming the moment you walk into the studio. The furniture is whimsically painted, indoor plants line the studio edges, and the tables show the wear and paint of the many artists who have worked in the space. As someone who dropped art classes in college because I felt out of place, I really appreciate the vibe of Art Barn.

Art Barn Inside

The studio space at Art Barn

Art Barn Window View

Not a bad view to work with

Chair with Interesting Painting

Can I take this chair home with me?

Artists of all ages and types are here

When I walked into the studio, I was excited to see a few artists working. It was during open studio time, so each person was working on a different piece. I learned that they have a variety of classes for both kids and adults and that you can take many of them more than once because the courses build upon each other or are designed with progression in mind. I’m thinking about signing up for their “Drawing for Scaredy Cats” class. Maybe my college classes won’t go to waste after all (my mom will be glad to hear that).

Open studio time at Art Barn

Open studio time at Art Barn

Artist working during open studio time

Artist working during open studio time

The art is for sale (among other items)

Beautiful artwork is all over the walls of the studio, and the pieces are all for sale. It’s like going to an art gallery. Because there are so many different pieces of art, I had a great time looking at all of them. Whether you want just something small or a big ol’ painting, there’s so much to choose from. They also have a gift shop with pottery, jewelry, and other local artisan items.

Piano and Painting

Just take my money!

Art Displayed and for sale at Art Barn

Art for sale at Art Barn

Your event could be here

Art Barn has enough space to hold intimate events. Can’t you just imagine the photos from a gorgeous wedding held here? I think it would also be such a cute spot for wedding/baby showers, anniversary parties, or other small celebrations. I’m a bit sad I don’t have an event of my own coming up to have here.

Colorful Couch

Imagine the really neat wedding photos on this awesome couch. Hmm...maybe I can redo my wedding.

They could use your help

Art Barn is largely operated by volunteers, and it’s no small task. If you’re a local looking to help a good cause, give them an email or a call! They need help with everything from events, to cleaning, to office work, and more.

Interested in visiting Art Barn? There are plenty of things to do, so make it a day trip! Nearby places include Anderson Winery, Humane Indiana Wildlife, the Moraine Nature Preserve, 49er Drive-in, and At Home in the Woods Bed and Breakfast. Chesterton is also just a short 10-minute drive away.