The Indiana Dunes Birding Festival happens each May when migrating birds converge near the southern coast of Lake Michigan. Birders from across the country (and world!) travel to the Indiana Dunes for the event. While not out looking for birds, learning from experts, or attending festival social events, what else can birding festival attendees do? Eat, of course! The only question is how to decide where to eat? We're here to help!


Birders at Cowles Bog


Find Your Favorite Cuisine

With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, it might be hard to decide where to eat in Porter County! Our Eat & Drink page can help you decide! You can filter restaurants by location, cuisine, and amenities. Before you know it, you'll have a list of restaurants, breweries, and wineries perfect for your taste! If you want to plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner while out birding, be sure to grab one of our Activities Guides at the Visitor Center to bring along. You never know when you won't have cell service!


A group of people sit at a restaurant table, chatting and eating pizza


Indiana Dunes Culinary Trail

Still can't decide? Check out the Indiana Dunes Culinary Trail, which features Porter County restaurants chosen by Midwest Living. Looking for a hearty meal? You might like Kelsey's Steakhouse or Wagner's Ribs. Rather have something light? Blackbird Café or Third Coast Spice Cafe might be more your speed. Check out the full Culinary Tour for more. 


A square plate sits on a table with ribs, cross-cut potatoes, and pancakes. A beer, silverware, and salt and pepper shakers sit on the table.


Get Advice from Locals

We also have "Locals Love" lists curated by the people who live near the Indiana Dunes! Whether you're looking for the best local dessert, outdoor dining, or a place to sneak away for a romantic dinner, the locals have got your back.  


A closeup of a variety of French pastries on a rectangle white platter


Coffee or Pizza, Anyone?

If you're up for a challenge, be sure to check out our two culinary passes—the 3 Pizza Challenge and the Coffee & Sweets Trail. The passes are free to use, and you might even win prizes by participating! 


An espresso machine filled with coffee beans ready to grind


Save Your Money for More Birding Gear

Wherever you decide to eat while at the Birding Festival, be sure to download our Dunes Deals savings pass. You'll find money-saving coupons for local restaurants and shops, which means you'll have more money to spend on that new pair of binoculars, next year's Birding Festival, or a copy of Wingspan! 


A phone sits on a wooden bench with a shopping screen open