A sandhill crane is landing in a marsh near standing sandhill cranes

- Sandhill Cranes landed at the Great Marsh in Beverly Shores, Indiana near the Indiana Dunes.

After a 60-year absence, Sandhill Cranes are returning to the Great Marsh in Beverly Shores to raise their young. The cranes have always used the marsh for stopovers during migration, staying for a night or two.

Beginning in 2009, however, several pairs of cranes have stayed for the summer and raised their young. And this spring, we have had an incredible 30-40 cranes stay in the Great Marsh for the last three weeks. It is unclear how many, if any, will summer here, but the crane’s sights and especially their sounds, are unlike any other bird.

To see the Sandhill Cranes, park in the National Park’s Great Marsh Lot on Broadway Avenue in Beverly Shores. Walk north to Beverly Drive and follow it east to St. Clair Avenue. The cranes have been seen off to the south spread out over a quarter mile. The round trip hike is less than two miles.

Sandhill cranes are standing in a group in a marshy area

- Sandhill cranes in the Great Marsh.