How do you save money while visiting the Indiana Dunes area? We've made it easy. All you have to do is sign up for our free Dunes Deals Passport, and you'll have discounts and coupons for restaurants, shops, and things to do! Not enough to convince you? Here are five reasons you should use Dunes Deals while vacationing in the Indiana Dunes area.

It's 100% Free

There's no fee to download the pass and no subscription to worry about. Just take a few minutes to sign up on your phone or computer, and the digital coupons will be ready to use! 

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You'll Discover More in the Dunes

The communities of Porter County are so unique that it might be difficult to decide where to explore next! Are you looking for a date night at an upscale restaurant followed by drinks at a cocktail lounge? Or how about a family-friendly visit to an old-timey candy store and a movie at the drive-in? Or maybe a girls' weekend winery visit and spa day? All of that is possible here, and using the Dunes Deals pass, you'll save while doing it. 

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Support Local Businesses

All of the businesses on the Dunes Deals pass are local businesses. By using the pass, you'll be supporting local business owners and the community as a whole. We love our local businesses and are proud to be partners with them! 

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Try New Things at a Discount 

Some places on the Dunes Deals pass might be places you never thought to try. Not sure if golfing or escape rooms are your thing? The discounts on the pass make trying new things a little bit easier! Who knows? Maybe you'll find your next favorite hobby! 

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Save Now and Later

We know how it is. There are just too many restaurants to try, shops to peruse, and spas to relax in. How can you possibly choose? We've got your back. Coupons in the Dunes Deals pass are good for a full year, which means you can save today and when you're in town again in the future. What happens when the year is over? Just grab the new pass and save all over again!

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Sign up for the Dunes Deals Pass and start saving today. Don't forget to follow Indiana Dunes on Facebook and Instagram so you can keep up with the latest activities in the dunes.