Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you have what it takes to climb the three highest sand dunes in Indiana?

If so, The 3 Dune Challenge is for you.

To complete The 3 Dune Challenge, a person must run or hike a special 1.5 mile course at Indiana Dunes State Park, climbing Mount Jackson (elevation 176 feet), Mount Holden (184 feet), and Mount Tom (192 feet). Some parts of the trail feature 40-degree slopes, making each step that much more, well, challenging. In the sandy vertical climbs, it’s common to take two steps forward and slide one step back.

But those who conquer The 3 Dune Challenge are invited to stop by the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center, located just a mile south of the state park, to buy a shirt and pick up a free commemorative sticker or decal and postcards.



“So many people think Mt. Baldy, which is located a few miles to the east in the Indiana Dunes National Park, is the tallest dune in Indiana,” said Christine Livingston, assistant director of Indiana Dunes Tourism, the agency that spearheaded the creation of the challenge.

“But at 125 feet, Mt. Baldy is significantly less tall than the three sand dunes that are part of The 3 Dune Challenge. The 3 Dune Challenge is definitely the premier fitness challenge in the Indiana Dunes.”

Livingston says the challenge trail has become something that athletes, families, and groups of friends attempt and then make into a regular activity or annual tradition.

The 3 Dune Challenge trail at Indiana Dunes State Park begins at the park’s Nature Center and is rated as rugged in difficulty level, but the park has several other trails that are rated moderate and easy. So, groups that have people of different fitness levels can pick a trail that matches their ability.

The Indiana Dunes area also features 15 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline for swimming, volleyball, or relaxing.

Click here to learn more about The 3 Dune Challenge. To learn more about other things to do in Indiana Dunes Country, stop by the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center, located at 1215 N. State Road 49 in Porter, IN, or call 800-283-8687.