A trail leads to a turtle-shaped garden with native plants surrounding it A 3D rendering of a proposed trail and garden. A turtle shaped garden with colorful vegetation. Trails leading to and from the garden. A road is to the right and a building with a green roof is seen in the background.

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Indigenous Cultural Trail 10

More than just a hiking trail, this interactive experience will create a place for visitors and locals to learn, play, touch, visit, ponder, and become inspired. The new trail will weave the culture of the Miami and Potawatomi Indigenous Peoples with the natural ecology of the Indiana Dunes—one of the most biodiverse areas of the country.


The proposed features for the first phase of the project include:

  • A low environmental impact boardwalk overlooking a naturalized section of Dunes Creek.
  • A large, raised copper fire pit with a snuffer that will double as a table for educational programming.
  • A land acknowledgment honoring Indigenous cultures.
  • Interpretive signage, including a tree trail in three languages (Potawatomi, Miami, and English), exploring the significance of the natural resources within the Indigenous cultures.
  • Crosswalks designed using Indigenous designs that will connect the trail, the interpretive elements, and the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center.

Five Partners for Seven Generations

By working together, the Indiana Dunes Indigenous Cultural trail aims to tell the story of the Indiana Dunes area for future generations.