Bikes On

South Shore Line

Take your bike on labeled, bike-friendly trains available on select days from April through October.

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In three easy steps you and your bike are on your way.

How To Ride

  1. Look for a labeled train carBike-friendly train cars with bike racks are identified with the bike symbol prominently located on the windows of the train car.

  2. Get in the train car to roll your bike onto the trainEnter and exit the bike-friendly cars through the center doors and insert your bike into one of the self-locking bike racks. Bike racks are provided free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

  3. Ride the trainAccess trails and attractions along the southern shores of Lake Michigan from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana.


Use the following resources to plan your biking adventure

Bike Adventures

Ready To Ride?

Bike trails are conveniently located by our train stations. Learn more about regional trails and nearby attractions by downloading a station brochure.

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Rules Of
The Train

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Permitted Bikes

Racks fit standard two wheel bikes with a maximum front tire width of 2.5" and maximum distance from front axle to rear axle of 46" (wheel base). Permitted bikes DO NOT include: recumbent, tricycle, tandem, kiddie/cargo trailer, or fat tires.

Exercise Caution

No riding on station platforms. Once on the train, the train will depart the station after passengers have boarded. Please exercise caution as the train may move before your bike is inserted in the rack. Push up on the self-locking mechanism to release your bike.

Train Crews Have Final Say

Train crews have the final authority on accommodating bikes. Crews may prohibit a cyclist from boarding due to overcrowding.

First-Come, First-Serve

Bikes will be handles on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is not guaranteed on an initial or return trip (including late night trains).

Only Allowed on Labeled Cars

Bikes are ONLY permitted on select labeled bike-friendly trains. Bikes may not be permitted during special event weekends such as: "Lollapalooza and the Air & Water Show.

Be Courteous

Bikes may not block aisles or impede passenger movement, and cyclists must accompany their bikes at all times. Be considerate of your fellow riders by first allowing passengers using mobility devices to board and disembark trains.

Clean Bikes Welcome

Bikes should be free of dirt and grease prior to boarding.

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