We know; most visitors come to the Indiana Dunes for the big parks. And it's true that the Indiana Dunes State Park and the Indiana Dunes National Park are fantastic. But did you know that beyond the beaches lie some amazing local parks that have plenty of opportunities for adventure?

Sunset Hill Farm County Park, Dunn's Bridge, the Calumet Trail, and Brincka Cross Gardens are all part of the Porter County Parks system, and each one offers unique experiences throughout every season. The parks department has events and tours as well, so check out the events page here.

We let the Porter County Parks take over our Instagram for an entire week because when you're in the Indiana Dunes, there's so much to be found beyond the dunes themselves. See for yourself!

Whether you explore every park or pick just one for your adventure, you'll need a place to stay. Find a local hotel or B&B and begin planning your Indiana Dunes vacation.