3 Dunes Challenge

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Challenge yourself, your friends and your family to hike three of the tallest dunes on the southern shore of Lake Michigan: Mt. Jackson, Mt. Holden and Mt. Tom.

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what is the 3 dune challenge?

The 3 Dune Challenge is an adventurous 1.5-mile trail at Indiana Dunes State Park. Starting at trail 8 at the Nature Center, the winding path will take you through breathaking views and exhausting inclines. At times you’ll be above the forest canopy and able to see for miles.

The hiking challenge is named for the trio of dunes, called The Tremonts, which highlight the trail. Mt. Jackson, Mt. Holden and Mt. Tom are each nearly two hundred feet above lake level. At the top of all of them are great photo opportunities to remember your day and show off to your friends. In-state park entry fees of $5 per person, and out-of-state fees of $10 per person apply.

Do It Year-Round and Fun for All Ages!

what makes it so challenging?

The rugged, self guided, 1.5-mile trail is the most difficult in the park and is intended for experienced, physically-fit hikers. Some parts of the trail feature nearly 40-degree slopes, making each step that much more, well, challenging. In the sandy vertical climbs, every two steps forward results in a step back.

Be realistic about your hiking ability. If you get tired, just take the shortcut back to the starting point. There are plenty of other trails to enjoy.

Be sure to stop by the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center and reward yourself with a T-shirt or hoodie and grab a free sticker and free postcards to share your achievement. You’ve earned it!

Things to bring

Regardless of your skill level, consider bringing the following for a more enjoyable hike:

  • Bug Spray
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • Proper footwear
  • Friends and family
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