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Six Indiana Dunes Country Ideas for a Nontraditional Valentine’s Day

It’s not that we don’t love a day about love, it’s just that Valentine’s Day can be…typical. Roses and fancy dinners, champagne and sunsets – enough to make single people roll their eyes for sure. Whether you have a honey and want a change of pace, or you’re single and just not in the mood to mingle, we have six ways to spend Valentine’s Day that are a little nontraditional. No fancy dinners here, just unique ways to enjoy the day no matter who you’re with!

1. Hit the lanes. Go out with friends or family for a night of bowling. Inman’s Bowling and Recreation Center in Valparaiso has 32 lanes as well as an arcade, skating and more.

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2. Feed your inner artist. Valparaiso University’s Brauer Museum of Art might be one of the most overlooked local gems in Dunes Country. The museum’s permanent collection, numbering more than 3,700 pieces, includes works by internationally recognized artists as well works by artists of regional and local importance.

Brauer museum

3. Bring the discs. Indiana Dunes Country is home to a number of disc golf courses, but one of our favorites is Countryside Park in Portage. This course has a number of challenging twists and turns, so it will keep you coming back to master it.

4. Eat BBQ. You can find many barbeque spots on our website, but we have to recommend Smokey’s out on Highway 20. Bring cash because they don’t take cards. It’s worth it.  Mmmm…brisket…

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– We have so many amazing restaurants. Get an order to-go and dine with whomever you want, wherever you want.

5. Take out something new. Our Activities Guide lists all the restaurants in Dunes Country, and it shows which ones offer take out or delivery. So order to-go from a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Take it somewhere awesome like a winter picnic at the national park or home to binge on Netflix.

6. Hit the beach. No seriously. It’s not just for summer. Bundle up tight and get a glimpse of what Lake Michigan looks like in winter. If you’re lucky, you might see some shelf ice formations (video below) or you’ll see some beautiful birds overlooked or hidden in other seasons.