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Take the Indiana Dunes Pledge

The Indiana Dunes receives millions of visitors every year. Impacts from our individual actions add up quickly. What you do while hiking and enjoying the Indiana Dunes matters. Your choices are important and they affect the beaches, wetlands, prairies, ponds, forests, Lake Michigan, and other dunes ecosystems.


“I pledge to protect and care for the Indiana Dunes. I will act responsibly and safely, set a good example for others, and share my love of the dunes and all that makes it special.”

Put the Indiana Dunes Pledge into Action by committing to these promises:

  1. I will stay on designated trails to protect fragile plant and animal habitats.
  2. I respect and care for animals and other living beings and will stay a safe distance from wildlife.
  3. I won’t litter the trails or beach. I will Leave No Trace.
  4. I respect the history, culture, and nature of the Indiana Dunes and will not remove anything except trash. 
  5. I will be careful in and near the waters of Lake Michigan.
  6. I will keep pets, wildlife, and other visitors safe by staying in designated areas with my pets. I will also keep my pet(s) on a leash and clean up after them.
  7. I will carry a reusable water bottle and recycle my trash.
  8. I’ll be patient during busy times and help reduce overcrowding by exploring the many locations throughout the Indiana Dunes.
  9. I’ll always park in designated areas and not leave my vehicle idling.
  10.  I’ll share what I learn about appropriate care and stewardship of the Indiana Dunes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  11. I will inform authorities if I see someone damaging resources or endangering people or wildlife by calling: 

National Park – 1-800-PARK-TIP (1-800-727-5847)

State Park – 219-926-1952

Indiana Dunes Pledge

Show your commitment to protecting the Indiana Dunes

Looking for more ways to help?

Park Connection

Visit the Park Connection Office at the Indiana Dunes National Park to learn about the many volunteer programs in the park.

Friends of the Indiana Dunes

Become a member or donate to Friends of the Indiana Dunes. The group sponsors invaluable educational and recreational opportunities at the Indiana Dunes National Park, the Indiana Dunes State Park, and the Dunes Learning Center.

No-hassle Volunteering

There are many no-hassle, drop-in volunteer opportunities available for everyone. Just show up! The organization provides the gear and training.

Visit with Care

Learn how you can make a positive impact in our community by visiting with care.