Marketing Grant Application

This grant supports marketing projects that utilize marketing tools to attract visitors from outside of Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties to experience a Porter County community, a special aspect of a Porter County community, etc. These criteria are not date specific. For example, a city park department may seek a grant to market all of their programs to outside visitors for a particular year. This grant is not for marketing a festival, special event, or sporting event; there are separate grants for that type of marketing.

The marketing tools we cover include website development, digital advertising campaigns (Facebook ads, banner ads, content placement ads, search engine optimization, etc.), traditional marketing tools zoned outside of Northwest Indiana (direct mail, print ads, radio ads, TV ads, and other broadcast media), and print or digital brochures. Our organization favors marketing projects that are driven from a marketing plan and utilize a variety of marketing tools.

We are less likely to fund a brochure or website being developed that does not advertise to visitors outside of Northwest Indiana.

Organization Information

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Maximum request—$2,500 (first year); $1,500 (second year); and $1,000 (third year). We only fund events for three years. This grant program is a 50% matching, reimbursable grant. If you are approved for a $2,500 grant, you must spend $5,000 in qualified marketing to receive the $2,500. Also, you will only be reimbursed for your expenses after your event or project is completed.

Project Information

For example, an organization is creating a new website to increase visitation to their park, and they will be promoting the website through a Facebook advertising campaign. Below is a list of marketing tools. Identify and explain which of these marketing tools you will use our grant funding for and how these marketing tools will be targeted to attract visitors from outside of Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties.


On behalf of the organization identified on this application, I certify that this application meets the eligibility requirements for Indiana Dunes Tourism’s Tourism Promotion Grant and that the information entered is true and accurate.

I understand that the grant may provide up to fifty (50) percent of the total, not to exceed $2,500 (first year); $1,500 (second year); and $1,000 (third year), that no in-kind contributions are included in the match, that no grant will be awarded to a project completed before written notice by Indiana Dunes Tourism, and that the completed promotional material must acknowledge this grant by bearing the statement “Financial support provided by Indiana Dunes Tourism” along with the Indiana Dunes Tourism grant logo. I also understand that all documents and written evaluation of this project must be submitted to Indiana Dunes Tourism within 60 days of when the project occurred, or by December 9, 2022, whichever date comes first, unless otherwise noted by Indiana Dunes Tourism and that there is a $500 forfeiture for late materials submission. Documents and written evaluations submitted after December 9, 2022 will not receive funding. (See guidelines for further explanation).

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