Topic: The Nature Conservancy

  • Catching Joy – Leopard Frogs

    By Alyssa Nyberg   I vividly remember catching my first frog. I was nine years old and was visiting my cousin who lived in rural Ohio. My cousin had just caught a toad and after many tries, I caught a frog…a real frog! (My cousin had much more experience in frog and toad catching than … Continued

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  • Baby bison? It’s as cute as it sounds!

    Any day now, the calves will be born. We will continue to watch and wait patiently until that exciting day when the herd allows us to see the next generation of bison that will assist us in managing the prairies of Kankakee Sands.

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  • Caterpillars in the Kitchen

    By Samantha Kinsman When my sister and I were young, we used to take monarch caterpillars into our care and raise them to butterflies.  It was a complicated project, usually headed by my sister, that involved finding and collecting teeny tiny monarch eggs on common milkweed plants, monitoring the eggs until they hatched, and getting … Continued

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