Topic: Outdoor Adventures

  • Paul’s Adventures in the Indiana Dunes

    Hike, bike, paddle, and fish at the Indiana Dunes! Local adventurer Paul can show you some of the many adventures just waiting to be discovered.

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  • Indiana Dunes and Local Parks

    We know; most visitors come to the Indiana Dunes for the big parks. And it’s true that the Indiana Dunes State Park and and the Indiana Dunes National Park are fantastic. But did you know that beyond the beaches lie some amazing local parks that have plenty of opportunity for adventures?

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  • The Bison are Coming! The Bison are Coming!

    This blog post was written by Alyssa Nyberg from Kankakee Sands. And we are just excited as she is to welcome bison to our area!   When the bison arrive at Kankakee Sands, I don’t know what I’ll do first. Jump for joy, grab a camera and start photographing, or just sit down and watch. Bison are due … Continued

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