Topic: Nature Conservancy

  • The Magic of the Merlin

      Guest post by Alyssa Nyberg of Kankakee Sands   Lately we’ve had sightings of merlins at Kankakee Sands. Magical wizards at Kankakee Sands?! That would be incredible! But, well, not exactly. The merlins that are being seen are of the avian sort. “Lady hawk” is another name given to this majestic, light-weight, swift bird … Continued

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  • Getting to the Bottom of Bison Genetics

    This guest post is by Alysa Nyberg, our awesome friend at Kankakee Sands.   Ten more bison have just arrived at Kankakee Sands! On the morning of the release, the doors of the trailer swung wide open and the new arrivals bounded out. The Kankakee Sands herd was there ready and waiting to greet them. … Continued

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  • The Bison are Coming! The Bison are Coming!

    This blog post was written by Alyssa Nyberg from Kankakee Sands. And we are just excited as she is to welcome bison to our area!   When the bison arrive at Kankakee Sands, I don’t know what I’ll do first. Jump for joy, grab a camera and start photographing, or just sit down and watch. Bison are due … Continued

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