Topic: History

  • From Logs to Lustrons: 150 Years of Indiana Dunes Architectural History

    The 2018 Logs to Lustrons Tour by Indiana Landmarks marked my first expedition across Indiana Dunes Country since I moved here in January. The Indiana Dunes area is known for the Century of Progress homes built along the Lake Michigan coast in 1933 after the Chicago World’s Fair. You definitely can’t miss the brightest of them, the pink “Flamingo” house, as your cruise along the beach between Porter and Beverly Shores. Beyond this iconic site, I had no idea just how much was waiting to be discovered at the Indiana Dunes.

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  • An Afternoon at the Westchester Township History Museum

    This post was contributed by our community engagement director, Brooke Allen.   It’s time to admit something a bit embarrassing. I’ve lived in Chesterton for a decade and have never stopped to visit the local Westchester Township History Museum. I suppose it’s sort of like how Chicago natives have never been to the top of … Continued

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