Searching for treasures at resale shops in Valparaiso

Indiana Dunes Country is a resale shopper’s paradise. Photo by Alex Gumm

By Alex Gumm, Indiana Dunes Tourism intern

When I helped my family move recently, I was shocked at the amount of stuff I hadn’t even worn or used in years. Rather than lug a bunch of extra boxes to the new house, I decided it was time to weed through my stuff and donate items I no longer needed to Goodwill.

Settling into the new house, I noticed a few household items left to purchase like a microwave and a few knickknacks. Not wanting to pay full price, I decided to visit a handful of Valparaiso’s resale and consignment shops hoping to find some unique items at bargain prices. What I found surprised me…

New Creation Resale Shop
My first stop was New Creation Resale Shop. Located in an old factory, the resale shop is filled with plenty of things to furnish a house, like furniture, glassware, small appliances and televisions, as well as clothing and knickknacks.

I was impressed by rows of chairs, couches, beds and lamps that filled one side of the shop. With such a large selection, I would definitely recommend anyone looking for used furniture at a reasonable price to stop in.

I’m also happy to report that I found the perfect black Sunbeam microwave for just $15. What a deal!

Bethesda Nifty Thrifty Resale
Next, I rummaged through Bethesda Nifty Thrifty Resale. This shop offers clothing, household goods, books, toys, glassware and small appliances. To be honest, it reminded me of a smaller version of Goodwill. I loved the quaint items and rows of diverse clothing. It’s also home to the 50 cent T-shirt!

As I walked through the aisles, I came across a vintage figurine of Benny the Bull that I knew my boyfriend, an avid Chicago Bulls fan, would just love. It’s one-of-a-kind finds like this that make resale shops so much fun to me.

Goodwill Industries Inc.
After Bethesda, I headed over to Valparaiso’s Goodwill. I’m no stranger to Goodwill. Some might even call me “frequent buyer,” because I’m there at least once a week to see what’s new on the shelves.

The store sells everything from clothes, shoes and housewares to toys, electronics, music, movies and books. My favorite section is the corner where Goodwill sells brand new, clearance merchandise donated by Target.

On this trip, I was able to find a new floor lamp and shower curtain from Target as well as a Brita filtration pitcher for the new house. And with my coupons, I only paid $10. I can’t wait to show everyone!

First Presbyterian Resale Shop
First Presbyterian Resale Shop was next on my list of stops. Situated in downtown Valparaiso, you can find clothing for the whole family, books, toys, jewelry, linens, small household items and seasonal items.

And for those bargain shoppers like me, check out the bins in the back of the store for even more discounted goods.

The Closet Exchange
Then I headed over to The Closet Exchange, an upscale consignment shop that carries name and designer clothing. In my opinion, it’s the perfect place for working women who are looking for quality garments.

While the pricing is a bit steeper than most resale shops, the items are very stylish and trendy. Common brands sold daily in the shop include Coach, Guess, Calvin Klein, Gap, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

I bought this adorable pair of Coach tennis shoes and a couple name brand work blouses for about half of the retail price.

The Hip Exchange
My final place to explore was The Hip Exchange. In regards to resale shopping, this shop is a hidden jewel. I’ve drove down Calumet Avenue time after time and never noticed it sitting behind The Vac Shop.

The store sells and trades new and used items such as clothing, jewelry, purses, DVDs, video games, home décor and shoes. Without a doubt, this is the perfect place for teens and young adults looking for in-style, casual clothing. I can’t wait to go and explore the racks again.
With a successful day of shopping behind me, I realized the local resale and consignment shops had everything I needed for my new house and more! That’s the great thing about resale shopping — you never know what unique items you’re going to find. Every shop holds different treasures that are there one day and gone the next.

On your next shopping trip, make sure to explore not only these resale shops, but others in Porter County, including Duneland Resale and Flashbacks in Chesterton; Estate Collection, Methodist “The Shop,” Once Upon a Child, Pieces and It’s 4 You in Valparaiso; Portage Resale Shop and Twice Is Nice in Portage; and My Style Resale in Kouts.

For more information on shopping in Indiana Dunes Country, visit the Indiana Dunes Tourism website. Under category, click on resale/consignment to see only resale shops.

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