One Family’s Exciting Weekend in Indiana Dunes Country


Relaxing on Lake Michigan is one of many awesome activities to be had in Indiana Dunes Country

Submitted by Kelly Credit

When my sister, her husband, and their three boys are visiting for a weekend, I have a great weekend planned for them.

Friday night they are eager to do something active, and the boys of all ages (including the 2 husbands) love the go-carts at Zao Island. We have the pizza at Colada’s (in Zao Island) for dinner, and sometimes challenge each other in mini golf and video games. They just opened laser tag as well.

Saturday we all go to breakfast at Suzie’s Cafe in Valparaiso. Then we split up: My sister and I go to LifeStyles for a long bout of shopping and idea-gathering. Meanwhile, the guys would check out some cool aerial photography at Air One, and then check out the Porter County Museum.

We’d eventually all meet for lunch, change clothes and head to the Indiana Dunes for hiking and walking along the shoreline.

Saturday evening we’d have a tough decision:  a nice dinner at Don Quijote or grill out at home and watch a movie.  Depends how tired we are after the Dunes.

When Sunday rolls around, we most likely have breakfast at Suzie’s again and say our good-byes there.

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