Plan your Indiana Dunes adventure: Dunes 101 Video Series


My name is Ranger Matt, and I’m here to welcome you to Dunes 101! This brand new video series is designed to help you plan your stay at the Indiana Dunes. Every day next week, Indiana Dunes Tourism will release a new video in the series, each packed with all the tools and tips you need to start your adventure here. But first, I’ll give you a sneak peek at some of the things we’ll cover next week.



What is a dune?

I actually get this question a lot. A dune is basically a giant pile of sand. The Indiana Dunes were formed by 300-foot high glaciers that carved out Lake Michigan and deposited sand on our beautiful beaches. Wind and water have shaped the rolling hills ever since. We call them “living” dunes because some can move up to four feet every year! Throughout Dunes 101, you’ll get a glimpse of the dunes during every season. I’ll bet most of you have never seen a frozen beach, but don’t worry—after watching these videos, you’ll see that the Indiana Dunes is truly a destination for every season.


During Dunes 101, you’ll learn so many secrets that make the Indiana Dunes special. Whether you’re a first-time or frequent visitor, there’s something new waiting for you to find. I’ll tell you all about what makes this one of the most beautifully diverse places in the world. Make sure you LIKE and FOLLOW the Indiana Dunes Facebook page so you don’t miss a single video.



What is there to do at the Indiana Dunes?

What isn’t there to do at the Indiana Dunes? With world-class beaches surrounded by miles of nationally recognized camping and hiking experiences, your stay at the Indiana Dunes will be absolutely extraordinary. And of course, I’ll be here to answer all your questions.




How do I start planning my trip?

That part’s easy—watch Dunes 101. Each video is designed to help you seamlessly navigate your stay at the Indiana Dunes. Here’s a look at next week’s launch:

  • DAY 1: What are the Indiana Dunes — Dunes 101: Orientation | Indiana Dunes
  • DAY 2: How to camp in the Indiana Dunes — Dunes 101: Camping | Indiana Dunes
  • DAY 3: Best hiking in the Indiana Dunes — Dunes 101: Hiking | Indiana Dunes
  • DAY 4: Where are the Indiana Dunes beaches — Dunes 101 | Indiana Dunes
  • DAY 5: Interesting things about the Indiana Dunes — Dunes 101 | Indiana Dunes
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