Front Porch to the Dunes

PorterFrom its humble beginnings as the home of a local fur magnate to its current status as a natural wonder, Porter has always been known as a family-friendly area. Its most influential historical citizens — Joseph Bailly and the Chellberg family — were so captivated by the area’s beauty that they made their homes here. You can visit their properties and see what life was like in early Porter — just head to the Bailly Homestead and Chellberg Farm sites of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Porter’s still a great place to live and raise a family. It’s got beautiful parks, beachfront property, and small-town charm (and it has the most restaurants per capita of any town in Indiana Dunes Country). Think of it as a casual place to catch some rays, ride bikes and enjoy some great food.

Do it in Porter

  • Splash in Lake Michigan, play beach volleyball or and soak up the sun’s rays at Porter Beach
  • Enjoy all that Hawthorne Park has to offer, including a disc golf course, sports fields and a quiet spot for fishing and watching birds along the Little Calumet River
  • Feast on the ribs at Wagner’s Ribs or enjoy your favorite Mexican dish at Santiago’s in downtown or Leroy’s Hot Stuff on U.S. 20
  • Stop by Biggs Violin Shop (where Richard Biggs, one of only 200 master luthiers in the world, makes and restores fine instruments and their bows) and Sleepy Hollow Leather
  • Hang around downtown and watch trains chug through town
  • Enjoy 15 water slides, a wave pool at more at Seven Peaks Waterpark Duneland

To learn more, visit TownOfPorter.com or ChestertonChamber.org