Why meet in Indiana Dunes Country

We have the right combination

Why Indiana Dunes County?A successful meeting results from the combination of many things. Much like a masterpiece. It starts with a goal or a vision. The program content is important, but just as important is the service, comfort, convenience, and style with which it is all brought together.

We look forward to helping you host your meeting or event in Indiana Dunes Country. You’ll soon discover that when you meet here, nature’s masterpiece becomes a backdrop for inspired thinking and memorable moments. But we’re not just a pretty face. Porter County is convenient—within a 12-hour drive of nearly half of the US population.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But you know, the thing that makes us really different, is our breathing space. We see people do it all the time. When they first step outside in the morning, during coffee break or after a day of gathering, people can’t wait to close their eyes and fill their lungs with our country-fresh air.

For more information, or for help planning your meeting in Indiana Dunes Country, contact Indiana Dunes Tourism at 219-926-2255 ext. 229 or email us for more information.

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