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Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve - Chesterton Amphitheater


2401 Village Point, Chesterton, IN 46304


Phone: (219) 926-1842


The Chesterton Amphitheater was created in response to the natural contour of the land. The setting is reminiscent of the traditional European open civic areas, most often used for theatrical events. Stressing the importance of water infiltration, the stage area and adjacent seating area are constructed of red brick pavers while the larger outlying seating area consists of turf grasses. An area that calls out to the visitor for an impromptu picnic, song or dance, the Chesterton Amphitheater is the site of over 50 wedding ceremonies each year. Guests are shaded by a composite of Shade Sails that were custom designed specifically for the Chesterton Amphitheater. The Shade Sails, from South Africa and hand sewn in Australia, blanket the stage area May through September.