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Sporting Events FAQ

Why should I work with Indiana Dunes Tourism when looking for a sporting event destination?

Consider us one-stop shopping. We have an up-to-date inventory of fields and facilities. We’ll help you secure not only sporting fields or facilities, but also hotels, restaurants, group activities, coupons, guides, maps and more.

Does Indiana Dunes Tourism charge for its services?

Services provided by Indiana Dunes Tourism are complimentary. Among the services we offer are:

  • Coupons to area restaurants and attractions
  • Discounted hotel rooms
  • Information table at events
  • Maps
  • Planning assistance
  • Promotion/media assistance
  • Support services
  • Travel guides
  • Welcome kits

What events can Indiana Dunes Tourism accommodate?

We can accommodate everything from team sports like baseball, softball and basketball to individual sports like BMX racing and running.

How can I learn more?

Call 219-926-2255, ext. 229, or email Brooke@indianadunes.com