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Event Planner's Checklist

Three Months away from Meeting Due Date

Note: the larger the group, the earlier these steps should be taken

  • Determine the Meeting Objectives with key decision maker(s), clarify the needs of the participants and develop a Tentative Meeting Agenda and theme that enhances your meeting objectives
  • Determine Financial Objectives for meeting
  • Confirm a City Venue and if needed, consult with local convention/travel bureaus and other resources
  • Confirm Logistics with key internal decision makers
  • Determine Number of Attendees and Number of Guest Rooms, and include in this count, staff and speakers
  • Establish and carry out a tendering process (also called RFP's) contacting no less than three hotels in the destination to determine Guest Room Availability, hotel services and pricing
  • Set up Hotel Site Inspection, make notes for objective comparison
  • Secure the hotel space and supplier(s) Commitment in writing
  • Negotiate your allotment of Complimentary Guest Rooms and upgraded rooms and suites
  • Set Pre and Post Programs, if required
  • Contact Airlines or the organization's travel agent to arrange travel to/from the meeting locations and Pre/Post Programs
  • Determine need for Spousal/Guest/Youth Programs ask for recommendations
  • Communicate a Logistics Memo to attendees with dress code, travel policy, etc.
  • Determine a Media Plan, if required
  • Ensure proper Insurance coverage for your meeting, especially when requiring exhibition space and large displays
  • Develop Contingency, Emergency, and Security plans
  • Determine Chain of Command and signing authority within your organization

Three Weeks from Meeting Due Date

  • Check Details with Speakers sending reminders concerning their session details
  • Submit updated Hotel Guest Room List including non-smoking, physically-challenged, special housekeeping requirements, arrival and departure times and confirm VIP arrangements.
  • Confirm passenger list with Airline/Travel Agent
  • Prepare Evaluation Forms for program, speakers and hotel
  • Arrange Preconference Meeting with all key hotel personnel, for large groups
  • Arrange, if needed, a method of Communication while On-site (walkie talkie, cellular phone, etc.)
  • Confirm Posting Requirements for daily function boards and the conference website with the hotel
  • Post any bio's or Information on the speakers on your conference website

At Least One Week from Meeting Due Date

  • Ship Meeting Collateral to arrive 24-hours before and confirm arrival with hotel or sort out where the shipment is before leaving your office

Three Days from Meeting Due Date

  • Confirm Food and Beverage counts including hospitality suites not less than 72-hours in advance

Photographs Copyright: Christine Livingston, Jeff Greenberg