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Tolleston Dunes Trail


5800 Dunes Hwy., Portage, IN 46368


Phone: (219) 395-1882


This scenic trail leads up and down the high ridges of the Tolleston Dunes, formed about 10,000 years ago when Lake Michigan was 25 feet higher than it is today. In just 2.6 miles, this trail in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore traverses a number of different, beautiful, and wildlife-rich habitats, including black oak savanna, and remnants of the Great Marsh. Black oak savanna along the trail hosts plenty of wild lupine--the sole source of food for the Karner blue butterfly, a federally-listed endangered species. The lupine blooms in late May, so that's a great time to see the butterflies. The lowland marshes along the trail were once part of the Great Marsh, which originally stretched over twelve miles from Gary to Michigan City. Preserve Tolleston Dunes for future generations - do not walk off the trails, pick wildflowers, or disturb animal habitats.