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Indiana Dunes Tourism


1215 N. State Road 49, Porter, IN 46304


Phone: (219) 926-2255

Fax: (219) 929-5395


Want to find out about which beach will best meet your needs? Just stop by the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center. Our front desk destination concierges are very knowledgeable and can explain beach options, provide directions to each, and help you find the perfect location for you. If you happen to drop by after hours, the brochure-stocked vestibule is open around the clock and you can find maps there. You can also walk through our ever-changing exhibit room, learn about the history and ecology of the Dunes at our in-house movie theatre and pick out educational mementos in our bookstore. Don't miss... taking a walk around our building and learning about its eco-friendly architecture. Go to each station to learn about rain gardens and native landscaping, and get ideas of environmentally friendly things you can do at home.


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Annual Friends Native Plant Sale

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2020
Check website for times

Herald the return of spring with wildflowers everywhere. More than 100 Northwest Indiana native plant species, including woodland flowering plants, ferns, prairie flowering plants, grasses, shrubs and trees. There will be open shopping of all plants and plant material. Informed gardening consultants will be available to answer all questions. Pre-ordering is recommended.