Toys Through the Ages

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Westchester Township History Museum


Dates: November 17 - February 16, 2020

Time: Check website for times

Venue: Westchester Township History Museum

Address: 700 W. Porter Ave., Chesterton, IN 46304

Phone: 219-983-9715

Admission: Admission Fee


The Westchester Township History Museum will open its new, holiday exhibit, "Toys Through the Ages." From handmade dolls to video games. Toys have evolved a great deal. The new exhibit highlights this evolution, explaining how, why, and where children's toys developed--from the discovery of a 4,500 year-old dolls to electronic games and gadgets Several toys from the museum collection will be displayed including a rocking horse, dolls, a horse-drawn fire wagon, and much more. Modern versions of old-fashioned toys like train whistles, paper dolls, marbles, and more are also available in the museum store,