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Pinhook Bog & Upland Trail


946 N. Wozniak Rd., La Porte, IN 46360


Phone: (219) 395-1882

Alt Phone: (219) 926-7561

Fax: (219) 395-1767


A visit to Pinhook Bog should be on every nature-lover's itinerary. Though part of the Indiana Dunes National Park, the bog is located several miles inland, separate from the rest of the park. Pinhook Bog is highly unique and sensitive so YOU CAN ONLY VISIT THE BOG THROUGH A SCHEDULED TOUR WITH A PARK SERVICE RANGER, and it's an effort well worth making. Pinhook Bog is Indiana's only true bog. A floating boardwalk traverses the bog, and from it you'll see insect-eating plants, tamaracks, blueberry bushes, and sphagnum moss that tolerate the highly acidic bog water. The Indiana Dunes National Park offers regularly scheduled interpretive open houses.