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Disappear Gear


1050 Broadway #2, Chesterton, IN 46304


Phone: (219) 250-2392


Disappear Gear is about creating and obtaining the Ultimate Camouflage. Whether you are utilizing a Ghillie Suit or wearing a pair of cammies, we want you to have the Ultimate in camouflage, concealment and deception. Every now and then, "Sometimes Being Nothing is Better than Being Something," because when you are in the woods, brush, mountains, jungle, desert, a riverbank, cornfield, bean field, or whatever field, you want to be absolutely NOTHING! The prey, predator, or target isn't looking for nothing, they are looking for something that doesn't belong. Disappear Gear can either hand-build your Ghillie Suit, or have pre-made ghillies that are up to the task of utilizing your needs. They can also consult you on your specific needs, especially if this is your first time wearing a Ghillie Suit as a hunter, airsoft, paintball, SWAT, prepper, or just someone who wants to "Disappear." Anyone who utilizes camouflage, a Ghillie Suit should definitely be in their arsenal of deception. You can expect to see the new Ultimate design for camouflage coming out soon.