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Cowles Bog Trail


1450 N. Mineral Springs Rd., Dune Acres, IN 46304


Phone: (219) 395-1882

Alt Phone: (219) 926-7561

Fax: (219) 395-1767


Don't miss the chance to see Cowles Bog, one of the great natural areas in the Indiana Dunes National Park. Remnant of a once-widespread wetland system, Cowles Bog encompasses a marsh surrounding a small fen, where a stand of tamaracks and white pines grows on a floating mat of peat moss. Starting near the guardhouse in the northeastern part of the site, a boardwalk trail passes marshes and ponds that host horned grebes, black-crowned night herons, buffleheads, and a myriad of other water birds. You can hike right out to the beach and back on 4.5 miles of interconnecting loop trails. Two trailheads serve the trail system, each with a portable toilet.