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10 Mile Brewery


100 Lincoln St., Porter, IN 46304


Phone: (219) 508-1604


10 Mile Brewery is owned by Eric Cox, Shannon Goins and Rich Tarin will have nine taps available. All three owners brew and have their own style, giving them something for everyone from classics to IPAs, to creative, fruity and fun brews. The name is historical, coming from the "Ten Mile Purchase" which was the last ten miles of land obtained from the Indians and included Porter to Lake Michigan. Ten Mile Brewery was a single family home for many years. The owners and their crew (which include wives, kids and friends) have spent several years refurbishing it and have done an amazing job. The inside is very welcoming, similar to a bar you might find in Chicago. There are board games, indoor shuffleboard and even checkers and tic-tac-toe on the tables. An outdoor patio sits out front which allows customers the perfect view of trains and people passing by the popular Lincoln Street in downtown Porter.