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4th Street Theater


125 N. 4th St., Chesterton, IN 46304


Phone: (219) 926-7875


Don't let the intimacy of this 60-seat venue fool you. At this award-winning community theatre company you'll be wowed by Broadway-level talent performing everything from avant-garde one-acts to Tony-winning blockbuster musicals, including regional and world premieres.


  • Food/Drink On-Site
  • Non-Smoking
  • Group Friendly
  • Public Restrooms
  • Indoor
  • Admission Charge


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Red Kite Treasure Adventure

Date: Sunday, October 08
Performance times: 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. (CT)

Red Kite Treasure Adventure is an interactive theater experience with live music and sensory moments created specifically for young people on the autism spectrum (suggested age is 4 to 14). Audience members will join the chivalrous Oswald and this precocious siblings on their harrowing journey to track down a rare Chinese vase. Their adventure leads them to Chinatown where they arrive just in time for New Year's festivities, dragon puppets, fireworks and lanterns. After conquering their fears (and a sea serpent names Gong Gong) our heroes return home with a newfound appreciation for bravery, honest and family tradition. Inspired be characters from Edith Nesbit's The Story of the Treasure Seekers, this intimate production creates a safe and exciting theatrical environment for thoses with autism and their families. Reservatons are required. Absolutely no walk-ins!

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Shakespeare in Love

Dates: November 03 - November 19, 2017
8:00 p.m.; Sun. 3:00 p.m. (CT)

Promising young playwright Will Shakespeare is tormented by writer's block until he finds his muse in the form of the passionate noblewoman, Violet De Lesseps. Their forbidden love draws many others, including Queen Elizabeth, into the drama and inspires Will to write the greatest love story of all time, Romero and Juliet. Based on the Oscar winning screenplay.

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Ordinary Days

Dates: March 09 - March 25, 2018
8:00 p.m.; Sun. 3:00 p.m. (CT)

From one of musical theatre's most exciting new composers comes Ordinary Days, a refreshingly honest and funny musical about making real connections in the city that never sleeps (but probably should at some point.) Ordinary Days tells the story of four young New Yorkers whose lives intersect as they search for fulfillment, happiness, love and cabs. Through a score of vibrant and memorable songs, their experiences ring startlingly true to life. Ordinary Days is an original musical for anyone who's ever struggled to appreciate the simple things in a complex place. With equal dose of humor and poignancy, it celebrates how 8.3 million individual stories combine in unexpected ways to make New York City such a unique and extraordinary home.

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Dates: May 25 - June 10, 2018
8:00 p.m.; Sun. 3:00 p.m. (CT)

The tragic, true story of the trial and lynching of a man wrongly accused of murder is brought to theatrical life.

In 1913, Leo Frank, a Brooklyn-raised Jew living in Georgia, is put on trial for the murder of thirteen-year-old Mary Phagan, a factory worker under his employ. Already guilty in the eyes of everyone around him, a sensationalist publisher and a janitor's false testimony seal Leo's fate. His only defenders are a governor with a conscience and, eventually, his assimilated Southern wife who finds the strength and love to become his greatest champion. 
Daring, innovative and bold, Parade is filled with soaring music and a heart-wrenching story, offering a moral lesson about the dangers of prejudice and ignorance that should not be forgotten. Groups looking for powerful, moving theatrical experiences will need to look no further than this unforgettable show. 

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Peter and the Starcatcher

Dates: November 09 - November 25, 2018
8:00 p.m.; Sun. 3:00 p.m. (CT)

Tony-winning Peter and the Starcatcher upends the century-old story of how a miserable orphan comes to be The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (a.k.a Peter Pan).
A young orpan and his mates are shipped off from Victorian England to a distant island ruled by the evil King Zarboff. They know nothing of the mysterious trunk in the captain's cabin, which contains a precious, otherworldly cargo. At sea, the boys are discovered by a precocious young girl named Molly, a Starcatcher-in-training who realizes that the trunk's precious cargo is starstuff, a celestial substance so powerful that it must never fall into the wrong hands. When the ship is taken over by pirates - led by the fearsome Black Stache, a villain determined to claim the trunk and its treasure for his own - the journey quickly becomes a thrilling adventure.