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Board and Brush - Valparaiso Studio


3510 N. Calumet Ave., Valparaiso, IN 46383


Phone: (219) 252-9797


Board & Brush Creative Studio is a place for creating fun and unique wood decor projects from scratch while enjoying a fun atmosphere with a wine bar. Board & Brush Creative Studio, their goal is to turn you into a 'woodworking master' by encouraging you to understand and appreciate the beauty of raw materials......the wood, the knots, the color variations and the simple imperfections that will make your wood sign unique. Distressing, sanding with the grain and staining are a few of the important steps they will guide you through to make your dcor piece one that will look as though it has been with you for a vintage heirloom. They will teach you all of the skills you will need. In addition, their custom stencil process allows you to personalize your piece with your surname, monogram, the year of your special event or the names of your beloved children....the possibilities are endless and their design choices are expansive. They believe 'classy and classic' will always have a place in your home.