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Stagecoach Inn & Panhandle Depot


127 N. Main St., Hebron, IN 46341


Phone: (219) 996-3192


Open from June through September, the Stage Coach Inn and Panhandle Depot are museums for the Hebron Historical Society. The Stage Coach Inn is a saltbox style house, built in 1849, that has variously served as an inn, residence, post office, and museum over the years. Several rooms within the Stage Coach Inn are furnished with period items and display important community artifacts. Built in 1868 by the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad, the Panhandle Depot closed in the 1960s, and the railroad discontinued rail service to Hebron in 1978. The rails have since been removed. The Hebron Historical Society bought the depot to preserve it from demolition and later moved it to its present location and restored it. The Panhandle Depot houses local railroad memorabilia and an exhibit on local military service.