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Lakes of LaPorte Water Trail


1110 Lakeside St., LaPorte, IN 46350


Phone: (219) 326-9600


LaPorte is home to a unique lake system that provides a wonderful series of inland paddles. These lakes – which include Pine, Stone and Lilly lakes – each offer a different paddling adventure perfect for people of all ages and skill levels. Each lake boasts clear water, allowing for unparalleled views of the aquatic ecosystem below the boat, especially when sliding by in a kayak or canoe. Paddlers can follow largemouth bass as they hunt the shallows and watch muskrats search for food outside their dens. Pine Lake offers the longest paddle and has the most amenities at the various access points. However, Pine Lake paddlers should expect to share the water with motorized craft and may have to deal with larger waves. Stone Lake, which is connected to Pine Lake offers substantially less boat traffic and provides a great launching point for either of its neighboring lakes. Lilly Lake is the smallest of the 3 lakes but offers the most natural setting as the water is covered as far as the eye can see with lily pads