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Broken Wagon Bison Farm


563 W. 450 North, Hobart, IN 46342


Phone: (219) 759-3523

Alt Phone: (219) 759-1847


This family farm raises American bison--the iconic species of the American prairie. At the farm, visitors can see bison in the fields and buy a range of bison products, including roasts and steaks, sausage, jerky and hand made bison leather products. The farm offers the opportunity to buy food that is not only locally grown, but is truly of this landscape--native to the Midwest. This American icon that once numbered 60 million strong teetered on the brink of extinction with only about 300 animals remaining in America in 1989. Now half million strong, independent ranchers have restored bison to the North American ecosystem. Tours are available for groups of 20 or more by calling 219-759-3523.


  • Non-Smoking
  • Public Restrooms