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Kankakee Sands


3294 N. US Hwy 41, Morocco, IN 47963


Phone: (219) 285-2184


Kankakee Sands conserves more than 7,000 acres of prairie, savanna, and wetlands--habitat for some of the fastest declining bird species in North America, including northern bobwhite, grasshopper sparrow, and American bittern. Kankakee Sands is also home to several bird species that are endangered or threatened in Indiana, like black tern, dickcissel, and sandhill crane. Other rare and threatened species include the plains pocket gopher, regal fritillary butterfly, blue racer snake, and prairie flame flower. The Nature Conservancy has restored some 5,000 acres of wetlands and prairie here, and established the Kankakee Sands Seed Nursery to provide native plants. There are currently 3 trails; the Conrad Trail, the Wet Prairie Trail and the Grace Teninga Discovery Trail. The Conrad Trail will lead you through the scenic ghost town of Conrad Station. The Grace Teninga Discovery Trail is 2 miles long and offers twelve points of interest that are described in the trail guide available at the trail head.