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LaSalle Fish and Wildlife Area


4752 W. 1050 North, Lake Village, IN 46349


Phone: (219) 992-3019


LaSalle Fish & Wildlife Area conserves 3,797 acres of hardwood forests, cropland and fallow fields, marshes, brush, and open water. Bisected by the Kankakee River, LaSalle is an ideal stopover for migratory birds. State Line Road and the drive to Parking Area 3 offers excellent roadside wildlife viewing. The footpath that follows the levee along the south side of the Kankakee is a quiet place to explore and watch wildlife. Recreational activities here include hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The site offers boat ramps and a hunting dog training area. Limited amenities, but a great place to immerse yourself in nature. Call (219) 992-3019 for hunting information.