Try Out The Pavilion Sunset History Tour

As an Indiana icon, the Indiana Dunes State Park Beach Pavilion has stood the weather and elements for over 80 years.  It’s limestone and brick columns and arches invite millions of beach goers every year at the State Park.  But it’s history is unique and it’s use has varied through the decades from lifeguard dormitory to full service fine dining restaurant.  Built in 1929 at a cost of $100,000, they say the concrete foundation is rated for over 5,000 p.s.i., a strength overheard of in today’s construction.

These same beach goers also are joined by a contingent of evening arrivals.  These folks, both local and visitors come for what is touted as Indiana’s best sunset.  You can’t beat a late May and mid July sunset over Lake Michigan.  A rare chance to watch the sun fall directly on Chicago, backlighting the tall scapers, over 30 miles away.

There’s a great chance to combine both neat features into one program.  Join Indiana Dunes State Park Interpreters for the first of a series of special Pavilion Sunset History Tours in 2011.  The first will take place on Saturday, May 28 at the beach pavilion at 7:30pm.  Learn of the varied history of the state park pavilion before being shuttled to the high rooftop for a memorable sunset experience.  Just be sure to bring your camera and share your photos on this or that Facebook page!

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