The Wind Swept Dunes of Earl H. Reed: An Exhibit

The Voices of the Dunes

In the early 20th century, Earl H. Reed was the first artist and author to help change the public’s perception of the Indiana Dunes, from a sandy wasteland to an awe-inspiring, beautiful and important landscape worthy of celebration and preservation.

Reed’s evocative etchings used sweeping lines, trees and birds to illustrate the play of wind, sky and water across the sand hills of the Lake Michigan shoreline. In his books, his humorous yet gentle portrayals of the residents of the Dunes humanized the area for those who had never visited it and inspired many to join Reed’s efforts to save the Dunes from industrial development.

Don’t miss this chance to see more than 40 of Reed’s etchings, as well as his books, at the Westchester Township History Museum through November 27, 2009. The Museum is located at 700 W. Porter Ave., Chesterton, IN and is open free of charge, 1- 5 p.m. Wednesday – Sunday or by appointment. Call 219-983-9715 for more information.

The Museum is an educational service of Westchester Public Library.

Jane Walsh-Brown, Curator

October 8, 2009

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