Topic: Bria Fleming

  • What you didn’t know about the grass family

    By Bria Fleming During the holidays, we spend time with friends and family. This holiday season, why not spend some time with another family: grasses (family name Poaceae)? This is a great time of year to study grasses, since the weather has turned colder and the landscape has turned browner and there are no more … Continued

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  • Memories and Gratitude: An Ode to Volunteers

      By Bria Fleming Each year in the height of summer here at Kankakee Sands, the plants are growing in earnest,  the seeds are ripening, our workload is increasing exponentially and I am filled with a renewed appreciation for the time and dedication of our volunteers. They give selflessly of themselves and their time, many … Continued

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  • Speaking a Different Language

    By Bria Fleming  “Stand up straight—you’re missing all the good sunlight!” “Here, try a little of my nitrogen—it’ll help you grow.” “Hey, has anybody had any luck getting rid of these lady beetles?”   If plants could talk, they might be overheard making comments like that. But that’s silly—plants can’t talk. They just sit there, … Continued

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