Storytellers Set the Mood Amongst the Fall Color Backdrop

As the sassafras and oak splash the dunes in fiery orange, bright crimson, and golden hues, visitors to the Indiana Dunes State Park can relax amongst fall’s splendor this upcoming weekend to enjoy some of northwest Indiana’s finest storytelling. 

October 9th brings the annual Northwest Indiana Storytelling Festival to the State Park.  Enjoy master storytellers weaving their magic all day long.  Some sessions include: Stories For All Ages at 10:30am, Storytellers Favorite Stories at 1pm, and Stories From Around the World at 2:30pm.  There is also an open mike time; the perfect chance to tell your best story!

A highlight of the weekend is the annual Ghost Stories!  These creepy and scary tales take place at the park’s Wilson Shelter.  There are two special times set aside.  A 5:30pm session for young children and families, and a spooky 7pm session for older kids and adults.  Free cider and snacks will be on hand, courtesy the Friends of Indiana Dunes.  Be sure to bring a blanket and a friend to hold on to for these special tales!

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